GSF 2013

GSF 2013: Intelligent Temperature Measurement & Disinfection Units

The ultimate gate for Disinfection is an innovative gate for pandemic prevention and whole-body Disinfection. The gate provides a total solution for fighting pandemic disease; it includes temperature measurement hand and full body disinfection, a wide range of advantages that resides in its movement flexibility according to the need.

Besides, the gates also provide a highly efficient Disinfection using safe and reliable food-grade washing free disinfectants equipped with a face recognition system that is integrable with any attendance system according to the need. 

1.0mm Galvanized Steel with electronic high-speed spraying 2600*1300*2200mm

Optional 8 inches Face Identifier (Mask wearing also can be identified)

  • Temperature testing range: 32°C-42°C
  • Temperature Testing distance: less than 40cm
  • Temperature measurement error: ±0.5°C
  • Identify distance: 0.3-4 meters
  • Accuracy: 99.7%
  • Android 5.0 Storage : 1GB Data Storage: 8GB
  • 170 degree wide view IPS LCD Screen, resolution: 1024*600 Pixel: 200 Pixel, Wide dynamic
  • Camera Focal Distance: 6mm Power Interface: 1xDC 12V,DC005
  • Internet wire: 1x RJ45
  • IO Input: 1x Door Sensor Detection Record keeping

Cold-rolled sheet for Cabinet Hypochlorous acid tank is 60L.

Heat resistance 100° C, cool resistance -30°C.

  • Circuit board inside, can be set for 1-99 seconds normally 5 seconds each time.
  • Laser Atomization Spraying system.

Electricity:220VAC 60HZ Wattage:1000W