BFH 3D Visualization Powered By MeVis

BFH 3D Visualization powered by MeVis provides visualizations of the anatomy  of organs with focus on the liver (LDLT, liver resections, tumors).

Receive rich media professional visualizations (from static 2D to interactive 3D and movies of your cases with BFH 3D Visualization):

  • Integration of DICOM images from computed tomography (CT), and resonance imaging (MRI) scans.
  • Detailed 3D case specific models with meta-information (e.g. volumes, distances).
  • Professional high-quality visualizations.
    • Understand the anatomy of medical images generated in different phases and modalities by one combined 3D illustration.
    • See finest anatomical details.
    • Benefit from the experience of experts having seen thousands of cases.
    • Profit from our high-quality visualizations without upfront investment in software, personnel, and training.
      • Combined visualizations based on the merging of CT and MR image series.
      • Illustration of the liver and its veins, arteries, and bile system.
      • With volumetric information for LDLT (donor and recipient) and liver tumor resections.
      • Patient individual liver segments and volumes based on patient individual vascular anatomy.
      • Comprehensive interactive 3D visualization results
        (plus 2D report and option of various result formats, e.g. for 3D printing, VR).
      • Web-based, secure order form, data transmission, and online visualization results tracking.