FDA approved and manufactured in the USA


Enables Storage at Room Temperature

Eliminates Refrigeration Concerns

Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution is a sterile non-pyrogenic solution with approximate calculations as follows:

    • Osmolarity of 320mOsm
    • Sodium concentration of 29 mEq/L
    • Potassium concentration of 125 mEq/L
    • pH of 7.4 at 20° C.

Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution is intended for flushing and cold storage of kidney, liver and pancreas organs at the time of their removal from the organ donor in preparation for storage, transportation and eventual transplantation into a donor recipient. 

  • 500 mL in 1/2 liter bags, shelf carton of 6
  • 1,000 mL in one-liter bags, shelf carton of 10
  • 2,000 mL in two-liter bags, shelf carton of 5

Store Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution at temperatures between 2°–25°C (36°–77°F). This “no refrigeration” temperature range minimizes concerns with power outages.