FDA approved and manufactured in the USA

Medifil® II Collagen Particles

Medifil® II Collagen Particles are bovine collagen fibers bio-engineered for advanced wound care applications using our proprietary Kollagen™ technology.

Medifil® II Collagen Particles are indicated for
the management of burns, sores, blisters,
scrapes and ulcers

  • Super-absorbent
  • Removes exudate
  • Allows gaseous exchange
  • Creates an environment which may be
  • conducive to the normal healing process
  • Shelf life of five years
  • Cost effective
  • Debride and clean the wound. Leave the
    wound moist to facilitate the action of
    Medifil II® 
  • Apply Medifil II® particles up to 1/4-inch
  •  Apply a dressing if needed
    Wash with saline solution when particles
    become saturated
  •  1 gram vial
  •  1 gram pouch
  • Do not pack the wound tightly ; allow for expansion of particles
  • Wounds may appear larger during the
    first few days of treatment due to the
    reduction edema
  •  Treatment of the underlying condition
    (venous or arterial flow, pressure, etc.)
    should proceed concurrently with the
    use of Medifil II®
  • Medifil II® is insoluble collagen and should never be used as an injectable soluble collagen
  • All open and unused portions must bediscarded
  •  Don’t use if sensitive to materials of bovine origin